Ultimate 8bit photo camera app retro for iOS Famicam64

Famicam64 is a retro-themed camera app, and positions itself as an ‘arcadey’ alternative to Retrospecs’ ‘simulation.’

Coming from PXL:Artificer, Famicam64 draws inspiration from the classic Commodore 64 not only with its branding and name but also the aesthetic of the interface itself.
Proudly displaying yellowing plastic and blocky, colourful menu images that look like they’ve ripped straight from any US Gold or Rainbow Arts title, Famicom64 allows users to snap images with any one of over 40 real-time filters that range from a fantastic oscilloscope to retro systems like the Gameboy and Atari 2600.

Perhaps the best thing about Famicam64 is the bundled image editor that allows you to do all the usual adjustments, such as cropping and changing brightness, pixel density and effect intensity.
Meme text, adding game-themed sprites and effects are also supported. Not only this, Famicam64 comes with a host of fun frames that will let you turn your retro snaps into floppy disk labels, cartridge stickers or even faux Commodore 64 game boxes. Famicam64 is a great app and adds a new dimension to the camera functionality on your iOS device.
It isn’t historically accurate, but it is an awesome new addition to the ever-growing stable of retro-inspired camera filter applications for mobile devices.

Famicam64 is free to download from the App Store!

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