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Simply the Most Well Made, Terrifying Instagram-like photo app for any Horror Enthusiasts... Terrifying!

Michael, 5 March


Making scary photo manipulations to share with your friends is fun, isn't it?
But it's not that easy to create something that doesn't look fake, especially if you have just a few moments to spare or don't have access to a full-featured photo editor.

That's why we built Scary Camera Effects: to help you create the most realistic and terrifying paranormal pictures in just a few minutes.


+20 Photo Filters

We analysed the visual style of many iconic horror films and designed 20 hi-quality filters to recreate your horror scene; from the bloody frames of Gorecam (perfect for a zombie apocalypse) to the cold [rec] digital screen of Videodrome, passing by the late 19th, Lovecraftian worn and cursed frame of Dagon (and many more) the possibilities are endless.







Obscura Z-1



Black Sun



... and many more!

+50 Terrifying horror Stickers!

Add more than 50 pixel-perfect stickers of terrifying ghosts, zombies, evil creatures and weapons.
Scale them and change their opacity with the Ectoplasm Density tool in just a few taps... your bone-chilling creations is ready!


Share your horror creations.

When you're satisfied with your creation, tap the Share button and post it on Facebook, Twitter or send it by email... (well, if it's too terrifying and don't want to drive your friend insane, you can simply save the cursed photo on your Camera Roll).


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Turn your photos into Still Frames from the most Frightening Horror Movies, add Realistic Filters and Scary Effects in a few seconds with Scary Camera Effects!

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